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It sucks to be stuck. That’s one of the topics of my book and, unfortunately, I had to learn this lesson the hard way in my own companies. I wrote this book to help business owners who have hit a rock wall when growth plateaus or even slips. Almost all businesses encounter these obstacles either because of changes in the market or due to their own decisions. If your business has experienced one of these “valleys of death,” then this book is for you.

There are two parts to the book. In the first section, I describe some of the ways businesses get stuck which deal with the business owner herself, self-inflicted wounds, bad decision-making and naturally occurring rock walls. The second half of the book is a recipe (or what I call an UNrecipe) for getting unstuck. It describes best practices for diagnosing business problems, strategy development, strategy implementation and tips for getting the process going.

My goal for the book is simple. If you find just one technique for getting your business unstuck, then I’ll consider the book a success. You don’t have to implement a complicated process, just find the one roadblock that’s impeding your company’s success. There are many tips and case studies in the book that will give you some insight on what other business owners have found to be successful.

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits had this to say in the Foreword of the book: So my question to you is “Do you have what it takes to get your company unstuck?” You’ve picked up this book, which has lots of good ideas, but it’s up to you, the business owner, to make it happen. It requires passion, purpose, and persistence.

I hope you have all three.

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Table of Contents for “Unstuck”


Part 1

1. You

2. Self-Inflicted Wounds

3. Bad Decisions

4. Rock Walls

Part 1

1. You

2. Self-Inflicted Wounds

3. Bad Decisions

4. Rock Walls

Part 2

5. Diagnosis

6. Strategy Development

7. Strategy Implementation

8. Get Started Getting “Unstuck”

Praise for “Unstuck”

Brad Smart, President and CEO, Topgrading, Inc.

The author has condensed and simplified his extensive career into a mini-MBA. His focus is anticipating, preventing, and correcting a common entrepreneurial malady – at some point, finding the business "stuck." After a career as a consultant, I'm now an entrepreneur dedicated to fast growth, and I found myself turning over pages and highlighting red flags in Unstuck – things I'd better pay attention to in order to not be "stuck."

Keith Cupp, President of Gazelles, Inc.

Kenyon has done a wonderful service for us entrepreneurs in Unstuck by carefully identifying the "why's" and "what's" of getting stuck (and perhaps not even knowing it); and more importantly, the "how to's" aimed at getting unstuck, productive and joyful again as the leader of your business.

Phil Wilson, President and General Counsel, Labor Relations Institute

Kenyon Blunt'sUnstuck is an easy-to-digest, practical book for entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed the way it is laid out - if you're stuck (and if you're not you will be soon) Kenyon gives you four quick places to start your diagnosis: yourself, self-inflicted wounds, bad decisions or rock walls. Once you figure out why you're stuck Kenyon lays out a simple but effective framework for getting "unstuck" - developing and implementing your strategy for getting past whatever hasyou stuck. I especially liked Kenyon's practical advice on key performance indicators (the "Unstuck 9"), strategy development, and prioritization. I dog-eared about half the pages in the last half of Unstuck, flagging things I need to keep in mind for my own business.

About the Author

introducing the author of this ebook

Kenyon is a growth consultant, former CEO and author. His book, Unstuck, was borne from his own experiences starting and running several different small and medium-sized businesses. Two of his most significant accomplishments were starting a marketing company that pioneered many of the best practices in CRM being used today turning around a company that had experienced a significant decline in revenue and profits.

Kenyon has devoted his career to helping businesses get Unstuck so he’s dedicated himself to helping business owners recover from these inevitable plateaus. He does this by consulting to small and medium-sized businesses, developing content such as books, newsletters and blogs and giving presentations to groups of business owners and their teams.

Kenyon lives on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. He is married and has five grown children. His hobbies are running, golf and gourmet cooking. He also happens to be a major fantasy football geek.

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